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Tourist Photographing Balloons


My name is Dennis. I am a professional tour guide licensed in Spanish, Portuguese and English. I had the opportunity to be in several Latin American countries for about 5 years.

In addition to being a tour guide, the careers I studied are Advertising and a Master's in Latin American Studies. Learning new languages, traveling, learning about new cultures, photography and documentary video,  swimming and trekking are some of my hobbies.

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Balloon Over Salt Lake

Why this page?

I created this page for those who want to discover the unknown sides of alternative Turkey.


By becoming a member of the page, you can get information about Turkey's history, mythology, alternative routes and interesting activities. This way, you can be notified of each new post, chat with other people who are members of the page and maybe find a partner for your next trip. 

You can contact me, send me your suggestions and get information about my tour guide service.


Contact me 

I am willing to share my knowledge with you and make you part of our Turquialternativa family

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